Go Fishing for Catfish When Staying at Blue Sky at Cedar Creek Lake

When you stay at Blue Sky at Cedar Creek Lake, you have easy access to the fourth largest lake in Texas with over 320 miles of shoreline. Cedar Creek Lake also happens to be one of the best fishing spots in Texas. While the lake sports white bass, hybrid striped bass, largemouth bass, and crappie, it is also an excellent place to go fishing for several types of catfish.

Catfish Fishing is Year-Round

Summertime is largely considered “catfish season;” however, the catfish bite all year long. Due to the moderate Texas winters, the water never really gets too cold, and even those fishing in the winter can land trophy-sized cats at Cedar Creek Lake.

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How to Catch’em


Catfish love live and stinky bait. Some prefer to use nightcrawlers, and crickets, and stinkbait. However, catfish are notoriously NOT picky eaters. Therefore, chicken liver, hot dogs, bacon, and even SPAM are used often when fishing for catfish.


A heavy fishing rod (7 to 8 feet), conventional reel, and 30 lb test monofilament line will work well. Make sure you have plenty of line on your reel, as blue catfish are notorious for being fighters.

Shore or Boat

The nice thing about catfish is people have tons of success whether fishing from the shore or a boat. While catching catfish with a fly rod is possible, bottom fishing is the preferred method for landing catfish.

Fishing for Local Restaurants Serving Catfish?

A wise fisherman knows not to use ALL the hotdogs as bait…you may need them for yourself later. So if you aren’t getting any bites or you’re not into catching your own, you can get your fill of freshly prepared catfish just half a mile from Blue Sky at Cedar Creek Lake at Molly’s Catfish Corner Restaurant. They have been family-owned since 1983. They serve up freshly cooked grilled and fried catfish and Texas favorites like ribeye, frog legs, and chicken with a variety of sides.

Blue Sky at Cedar Creek Lake has everything you need for a fun-filled stay!

After spending the day fishing for catfish, come back to your spacious RV site to cook your catch, or enjoy a soak in our new hot tub, catch a flick in our movie theater, or enjoy some family time by the firepit.

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